Fernatic : Jewelry Plating Factory in Thailand.


First, our machines and equipment travelled all the way from Italy. Indeed, it has been ages since the boot has led the jewelry production to a worldwide known quality. By choosing Italian machines, Fernatic choses to have the best tools on the market to help our team working efficiently.

Secondly, our plating line is composed of fifteen bath of fifty liters, managed by five plating technicians. Also, our ten preparators help to configure the Jig/Rack of plating and act as Quality Controllers. At last, five polishers work on the surface of your products, and three other employees take care of the administration. In conclusion, this configuration allows us to produce 5000 to 10,000 pieces per day.

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Therefore, we have solutions for anyone looking for a Jewelry Manufacturer. Indeed ,our local partners spent the last 30 years to assist customers all around the world through the development of their jewelry business, seeking for new challenges every day.

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